I Am Honored

Hi, I'm Lisa, your Happy Skin Specialist, Licensed and Certified Hemp/CBD Esthetician!  

I authentically enjoy being a part of the journey and process that empowers individuals to boldly show up and live their best life. 

The details of this journey are too lengthy to share via this platform so I'll just give you a snippet. 

I am an Image Professional, with 20+ years in the fashion and beauty industry, who has hosted multiple specific titles (i.e. Fashion Designer, Wardrobe Stylist/Personal Shopper & Makeup Artist). 

Surrounded by fashion and beauty experts, my immediate family members, I can earnestly say it's in my DNA.  

The path leading into the "world of skin", has afforded me the opportunity to empower other women and men to FEEL BETTER about themselves and not feel better, but LOOK BETTER as well.  

A totally new level of positive attitude! 

Are you ready to boldly show up and live your best life?  If so, click the link, book an appointment and let's get started! 

Thanks in advance for your trust :)